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What Continent am I on? And Other Updates

I’ve been vaguely elusive for a bit. I haven’t posted on instagram, I haven’t updated this blog in ages, and I haven’t been super good at responding to texts. But it’s time to return to the real world, so I’m writing up a quick update on what’s going on and where I am.

Study abroad update: I loved studying at George Washington University in Washington DC. I was very excited to return after spring break and see everything I hadn’t seen yet: museums, bookshops, historic sites. Unfortunately, it was over spring break that the University confirmed that we would not be coming back. Covid was in full swing, so we would be online the rest of the semester. I hated saying such a quick goodbye to all the friends I made, but the clubs I was in met online for a few more weeks so I was able to still see them as I was back in my house in Pennsylvania.

Getting cupcakes in Georgetown, one of my last DC activities

Summer update: I had one internship secured for the summer on Capitol Hill and another that hopefully would’ve happened, but of course both were cancelled because of covid. I was at home for several months, enjoying time with my family and not doing much else because of covid-19 and lockdowns. My area of Pennsylvania was doing alright, but the suburbs were nearly shut down. I spent a lot of time with my one friend who lived within walking distance.

Probably the best thing I got to do this summer, at least paddle boarding and kayaking is all social distant!

Then the death of George Floyd happened, the world was reminded of the harsh reality of police brutality and the effects of racism still evident in our country, and my city was on fire. These are all still things that I’m reflecting on and how I can participate in these discussions in a way that is productive without just making more noise.

You can listen to Alex and I’s miniseries on our podcast Religious War that includes a discussion on racism, the church, and current events. It’s available on all streaming platforms and here on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/64712gjeJyLHARusjI4nAm

Check out the Religious War podcast mini series "Live From Quarantine"!

Fall update: Over the last weeks of summer, my flatmates and I were a whirlwind of trying to figure out exactly what we were doing for the upcoming school year, our last year at Uni. It seemed that each week was a new plan: going back to London, deferring a year, doing school from our respective homes. But even as King’s admin gave us little information, we decided that we would rather be together and in our flat in London completing our university degrees.

Flying into London! Can you spot King's?

Two weeks ago, Alex and I flew from New York City to London for 7.5 hours with masks on. She slept, I watched Charlie’s Angels and Dora the Explorer live action movie. We arrived in London and took a taxi directly to our house where we met with Camden. It had been 9 months since I had been back to our house and I had missed it so much.

Quarantine update: Yes, we did have to quarantine. Because of covid and UK government restrictions, we had to contractually agree to self isolate for 2 weeks. No leaving our flat, no going anywhere, and seeing people only through open windows at least 6 feet apart. It was two weeks of unpacking and setting up our flat, good meals and catching up, home church and absolutely insane activities like turning our staircase into a pillow slide and putting on two full length, fully costumed musicals with assigned roles (Les Miserables and Hamilton, if you were dying to know).

It might just be home church, but we still dressed up!

We started a quarantine vlog and even though quarantine is over, we still have more content to put out. You can catch up with us and all the crazy things we did while going crazy in self isolation. It’s part vlog part sitcom and we think it’s hilarious, so go check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw_UV_r7EdBdBNLDwjWcScw

We really did turn our steps into a pillow slide

School update: We survived quarantine and are now loose in the world, barring the six person rule now in effect in the UK and all the places that are shut, of course. We’ll be getting our school schedules tomorrow if King’s doesn’t keep delaying it. This is our third and final year of University. That means a lot of studying, reading, and writing our dissertations. Dissertations! It’s crazy that it’s here so fast. But I’m really excited. I still don’t know exactly what I’m doing it on, but as soon as I know I’ll post some kind of update.

My first run out of quarantine. Freedom!

We have no idea how this year or semester is going to look. Everything is online for a bit but at some point King’s is going to implement a hybrid approach with lectures online and some discussion groups in person. That’s assuming covid gets better, but the UK is looking at another potential lock down period this fall. So, like most people, I have no idea what’s coming next.

It's so great to be with all my friends again!

But I am here, in London, with some of my best friends in the world. I’m so glad to return to the city that feels like home even if that return is restricted. I’m entering my last year of University and I’m excited to see what comes next. I want to return to travel writing and posting on this blog.

In this world, it seems like anything can happen. We’ll see.

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