• Katie Trojak

Understanding Your UK University Acceptance

The acceptance on the home page of my King's application!

If you’ve gotten accepted or are hoping to get accepted to a UK University, then you’re probably wondering what words like conditional, unconditional, or offer are doing on your letter. The UK University acceptance system works a little bit differently than American colleges, so knowing the lingo going in can clear up a lot of confusion.

I've also made one of the panels on my King's Apply page the main picture for this article so you can see a little bit of what an acceptance might look like. That's not the full letter, but it is the home page and does contain a lot of the vocabulary I'm about to go over.

Being given an “offer” to study- Instead of being accepted into a college or university like in the United States, students are given offers to study. It will probably read something like “Congratulations! You’ve been given an offer to study at X school!” or “I am pleased to inform you that your application to X school has been successful and that you have been made an offer”. Being given an offer is exactly what you want because it means that you can study there in the following year. It’s nearly the equivalent to being “accepted” at an American school. If you’ve gotten an offer, then congratulations!

To make everything official, you do have to “accept your offer” which is basically the equivalent of committing to a school in the United States. There are a few exceptions to the offer, which I’ll go over below.

Having an “unconditional” offer- This is the best case scenario. An unconditional means that there’s nothing else that you have to do to get into the school you’re hearing from. All you would have to do is inform them that you’re accepting your offer and pay the deposit, then you’re all ready to attend in the fall. It means that there are no conditions to your offer. If you’ve gotten this, then congratulations!

Having a “conditional” offer- This still means that you’ve been given an offer to study at the school you’re hearing from, it still means that you’ve been accepted, it just means that you have a bit more work to do. It means that there’s a condition to your acceptance. You can only study at that school in the fall if you fulfill the conditions.

In the UK, conditionals are almost always the A levels test and everyone has a conditional. UK students have to score a certain level on their A levels, their high school exit exam, to attend. That can be a high score or an average score, depending on the person and the University. But something to really realize is that every UK student has a conditional. So, if you’ve gotten a conditional, then it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s not a lesser acceptance. In most scenarios, you’ll probably still be finding out whether you’ll be attending there for certain before August, which is when the UK students find out.

For US students, conditionals could be a language requirement, if you were born somewhere that didn’t speak English. It could be a requirement for your course, a prerequisite that you haven’t fulfilled yet. Or it could just be another test.

I had a conditional offer. I hadn’t made one of the prerequisites for the history part of my course yet, so I had to take an additional test. I could’ve taken any of the history AP tests or any of the history SAT subject tests. If I took an AP test, I had to score a 5. If I took the SAT test, which I did, I had to score above a 700. I took the test in June, which was the last possible date but also the only time that I could make it work to take it, and I heard back from the CollegeBoard in July with my score.

If you don’t make your conditional, you still have a chance at getting in. For more information about that, check out this article here: XXX. In addition, you can still accept a conditional offer. At most Universities, you won’t need to pay the deposit until your offer is unconditional but you can still accept. In fact, the deadline for accepting is generally long before you’ll find out whether your offer is fulfilled or not. It’s similar to an early decision legal agreement. If you get in, if you fulfill your conditional, then that’s where you’ll go.

Feel free to leave any questions that you might have in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them in a reply or in a future article! If you’ve gotten any of these phrases in your letter, then that’s wonderful and congratulations!



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