• Katie Trojak

Second Semester: Getting Back on the Horse

London is still shining bright

That’s right, it’s second semester! Christmas break is completely over and that means that everyone, UK and US, are back at University. Classes officially started for King’s students last Monday the 14th of January, but I didn’t have my first class until Thursday the 17th of January. Everything has been going well so far, and I’m back in the grind of things.

I’m not going to lie, coming back for second semester was hard. I think it’s that way for a lot of US students studying in the UK, so if you’re planning on doing that then expect your January comeback to be just a little sad. I think it’s because I have to leave my family again, but this time the excitement of moving to a new country isn’t there, which forces me to only look at the leaving part of coming back to the UK. Don’t get me wrong, I was very excited to come back to this city that I love so dearly and to also see my international friends again, but break definitely seemed too short. There will be a pattern of having a month at home the returning to school for the next three years, so we’ll see if it gets a little easier each time.

The transition of coming back to the UK from the US was definitely made easier by the friends that I’ve made. Having a solid group of friends is the biggest difference between this semester and last and it makes everything so much brighter and happier. If you’re coming to study in the UK, give yourself time to find a good group of people to hang out with, but once you do things will really start looking up.

Like I mentioned, school is going well so far. I’ve found myself really inspired to crack open my books and get all my readings done each week instead of cutting corners which has been great. Now that I know what to expect from my classes, I feel like I’m starting fresh and can really learn this semester. There’s still an unbelievable amount of reading to do, that hasn’t changed, I’ve just gotten better at finding time to do my work.

There’s a lot that I have planned in the coming weeks for this blog, which I’m also really excited for. I have loads of information to pass on about traveling to Barcelona, Spain and the small country of Andorra as well as things I’d still like to say about Rome which happened way back in November. Now that I’m back from hiatus, I’ll get back to answering the most common questions about studying in the UK and giving the best advice I can from someone doing just that right now. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you can be updated every time I post!



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