• Katie Trojak

Mailing from the UK to US

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

The Plethora of Postcards I sent!

I’ve done everything I could to avoid sending things through the mail. It’s very expensive to ship packages across the ocean and is even relatively expensive to send post compared to how cheap it is in the US. But King’s was giving out packages of postcards that had information about their culture program (why they were postcards, I’m not sure) and I stole some from a teacher thanking desk, so I wrote a bunch to all of my friends at home, asked them for their college addresses, and sent them off this week. I wrote a bunch to family members too.

Postcards are just fun to send and I know that I love getting mail, so I figure it’s usually fun for everyone. And getting mail from London is something even more exciting. There were 11 postcards in total, I saved two to send another time, and I want to buy a few more to send to friends I didn’t get this round.

To mail to the US, you follow this pattern:


Street Address


State/Region, Zipcode

Country (All cap letters, ex: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)

Some of my friends had box numbers and those either went on a line before the street address or on another line after the state and zipcode.

To actually mail them, I went to a nearby post office in between classes one day and went to the desk to have them look over everything and to buy stamps. I could’ve done it from one of the self service machines, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. She looked it over and gave me 11 stamps.

Stamps cost £1.25 or approximately $1.65 per stamp.

That’s an annoyingly expensive amount, but I considered that it was about $15 to make myself happy for keeping up with people back home and to send a lot of people a piece of me. While I don’t expect to do it that often, it was a nice little treat to do this time. Especially because the postcards had the King’s logo up in the corner!


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