• Katie Trojak

Cute Shops in Canterbury

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

The Moat Tea Room, just one example of the picturesque shops!

Canterbury is an adorable little town packed with historical and religious landmarks. Generally, I hate walking around and window shopping when I could be actually “doing something” but shopping in Canterbury is one of the best things to do in Canterbury. It’s adorable and quaint streets have shops all worth stepping into or even just admiring from afar. I didn’t have time to stop in many, but the ones that I did I would highly recommend.

VinylStore Jr

I stopped in this store on a twenty minute break because it was near the Catholic church we were visiting. It’s a store packed with vinyls which is a like a quick step back in time. There’s every genre from movie soundtracks to old rock and roll to modern releases. It’s almost nostalgic looking through the titles and I spent the longest time just browsing. The prices aren’t that bad, averaging around £10. They even have a Canterbury section which might be perfect for an unusual souvenir.

I entered the shop staunchly against purchasing anything, but of course I had to find the most perfect thing in the world. In the Canterbury section, there was a vinyl from 1973 done by the Choristers of Canterbury Cathedral. One side is just regular Christmas carols and the other side is A Ceremony of Carols, one of my favorite Christmas chorus pieces. My choir, the Philadelphia Girls Choir, had done it a few years before. So of course I had to buy it! Even though I don’t own a record player. I’ll just have to drag it home to America to play on the home record player for Christmas.

Lady Penelope’s

This store is just next to VinylStore Jr, so it makes it very convenient. This is an adorable little plant shop selling flowers and other plants. I walked in planning on buying something for my dorm room since I’ve been dying to buy a flower plant or small bonsai tree to brighten the space. I browsed for a while, enjoying the way the store was set up. I ended up not buying anything but it’s still worth stopping in!

Canterbury Whole Foods

This might seem like a regular whole foods shop but this is the perfect place to buy something for lunch! Everything in the shop is organic and well grown. They have everything from honey to pita bread to mixed nuts. There’s something very exciting about buying things from a grocery store when taking day trips and this is not a place to miss if that’s the plan. Their prices are pretty excellent, too. One of my friends ended up buying pounds of honey because they were so cheap.

The Moat Tea Rooms

This is the one shop on the list that I actually didn’t even have time to stop in. But this looked like the cutest little tea shop and the cakes and pastries in the window were immensely appetizing. It’s definitely going on my list to visit next time I get to Canterbury, which I desperately want to be soon. If anyone ever has the chance to visit here, please let me know how it is!

Canterbury had loads of shops to walk by. To find the best ones, just walk on the streets near the Cathedral. If you take a day to go out and visit the Cathedral and ruined sites in the city (read more about my visits to them here: XXX) leave time to just stroll the streets. View the monuments and fountains and if you’re lucky, you might just see a Scottish band performing in the square. Enjoy window shopping or actual shopping and have fun just looking at the quaint and very English streets.


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