• Katie Trojak

5 Best Hot Chocolates in London

If you know anything about me, you know that I really love hot chocolate.

Before I drank coffee, which I only started last Spring, I would always drink hot chocolate. It was what my friends and I would get as we sat in our favorite cafe.

Curling up with Pride and Prejudice in my number one hot chocolate spot

With Christmas coming up, everyone is selling hot chocolate. So I thought I'd do a little hot chocolate tour over the holiday season and see who I really liked more. My reigning champion has not been overthrown, but we've gotten some close seconds.

Yes, I've become a food critic now.

But, I'll be honest I didn't have loads of time so most of these are chain stores, but that doesn't mean their hot chocolate is any worse/better!

5) Starbucks

The toasted marshmallow hot chocolate, probably my favorite drink at Starbucks at the moment

Look, I like Starbucks as much as the next white girls but there are so many other options in London. I never loved their hot chocolate growing up, I tended to stick with their vanilla flavored drinks, and that hasn't really changed.

It's too dark and odd tasting to rank very high.

I do, however, love their peppermint white hot chocolate, which I have to get every Christmas season, and their toasted marshmallow hot chocolate this year is very good even if it tastes like pure sugar.

4) Pret A Manger

No picture for this one, unfortunately. But it's just in a white and maroon paper coffee cup, I'm sure you can imagine.

Let's get into the hot chocolates that I do really love now. My flatmate came home one day raving about the Pret peppermint hot chocolate that came out with their seasonal line, so the next day I grabbed one in between classes.

It was just as good as she had said. I love the level of sweetness and I love the peppermint flavoring. Pret might be a chain, but they always do a really good job.

3) Soho

The amazing rock road hot chocolate

It's a shame this hot chocolate isn't higher on the list. The other day I went with a friend and was planning on getting lunch, but when they were all out of sandwiches and soup, they gave me an extra large hot chocolate for the price of a small.

It was foamy, very milk chocolatety, which is good for someone who prefers that over dark chocolate, and just the right level of sweet. Which means maybe slightly too sweet for anyone else, but perfect for me.

Also, if you're looking for a drink that's pure sugar or something fancy and cute, try one of their gourmet hot chocolates, like the above Rocky Road hot chocolate. I lost the spoon in this drink, it was so highly adorned with whipped cream and toppings.

2) Le Pain Quotidien

It tasted as rich and wonderful as it looked gorgeous

This hot chocolate ranks this high purely on principle. I was at the Le Pain Quotidien at St. Pancras Station a few days ago and ordered the drink as part of my discovery in London hot chocolates.

They brought out a bowl of steamed milk and a tiny pitcher of rich, Belgian chocolate.

I poured it into the steamed milk in swirls before stirring it all in. It wasn't as sweet as Soho, but it was so rich and chocolaty, I couldn't help but love it. And bonus points for presentation.

1) Bloom's Pizza Cafe

A random picture from one of our many visits to Bloom's Pizza Cafe

Alright, this might not actually be the best hot chocolate in London. I might technically tie this with Soho. But this is my personal favorite. Bloom's hot chocolate is iconic, at least in my circles.

It comes in a tall, clear glass cup, with thick foam. And if it's a good day, then they'll give you little marshmallows on top.

Bloom's is one of my most favorite places in London. I've been there with nearly all my friends at various points and I've spent hours there before and after church services. You could've found me there a lot more often last year, but I've been there a fair amount this semester, too.

Bloom's hot chocolate means that I'm in a safe area with soft couches in corners. It's a place I know I'll probably see a friend who happens to be there as well. It means I'll either get hours of work done or none at all as I talk and laugh with friends. Or I'll have a new book and will snuggle down to read for a few hours. Bloom's is comfort.

So, Bloom's hot chocolate is amazing on its own, but it never could have come second place anyways. I love Bloom's Pizza Cafe too much.

There you have it, my top hot chocolates in London. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my ranking! Or if I forgot to include any notable drinks! Scroll through the rest of my articles to read more on London life, University, and travel and check back for more articles soon!



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