• Katie Trojak

2nd Year Schedules

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My schedule could not be more different from last year. At first, I was so annoyed. But now I’m thinking it might force me to be more productive than ever before.

As usual, I’m taking four modules/courses this year. Because I’m in a joint honours class, I’m taking two history classes and two international relations classes. Each of my history classes consists of a two hour seminar and each of my international relations classes are like last year in having a one hour lecture and one hour seminar.

For those of you who don’t know, a seminar is where we discuss what we learned in the lecture or the readings. We argue different sides of looking at the history of that week. These are always incredibly interesting when vastly different people are put in the same room.

In total, I have six classes to go to throughout the week.

I have one class every day of the week and two on Friday. And the two on Friday are at the most inconvenient times, one in the morning and one in the evening.

When I first got this, I groaned and steeled myself for an exhausting semester. Where I live now is 35 minutes away from campus, and this schedule was forcing me to make the commute every single day.

Long gone were the days of last year when I only had to be on campus three days a week and could spend my free days working on my own projects or sleeping in.

But as I thought about it more and now that I’m nearly through my first week of the semester, it might be slightly annoying, but it might just be perfect for the type of worker I am.

I’ve learned very quickly that the commute isn’t nearly as bad as I was afraid it might be. Instead, I have time to read a book outside of my coursework which is a lovely break. Even if I don’t always choose the most relaxing books (right now I’m reading Right to Die? By John Wyatt), it’s so nice to get back to reading.

Being on campus everyday forces me to actually get work done. It would be silly to just come in for the one or two hours I have class, so I bring my laptop and come in early or stay after. I find a cozy couch or one of the study rooms and get some extra readings done.

My flatmates schedules line up rather well, and I generally go into London an hour or two before my classes so I can do the commute with a friend. It’s been wonderful to have the extra time with them and I haven’t been late to anything yet.

So, I’m actually really looking forward to the next semester. I’m excited to get going and am very ready for all the classes I’ve signed up for.

I know that the way classes work in the UK are rather different than the US. If you’d like to learn more about how and why, check out the article I wrote last year https://www.theamericaninlondon.com/blog/schedules-at-uk-universities!


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